Parenting orders

A person can ask the court for a Parenting order to give them custody or the ‘day to day care’ of a child or children.  Where possible the court tries to maintain regular contact between the children and both parents.  If one parent has full custody of a child it does not mean that the other parent has no contact rights at all, for example often the court will make an order for custody to one parent with the other parent having contact every second weekend.  This however is only an example and every outcome depends on the individual circumstances of your case.  When determining what the most appropriate outcome is the Court will maintain a focus on what is best for the children.  Where appropriate the court may ascertain a child’s views.  This is often done with the appointment of a Lawyer for Child which is, as it suggests, a lawyer appointed by and paid for by the court to represent your children.  Often many arrangements to do with care of children can be agreed between the parties, and sometimes, with the assistance of your lawyer, agreements can be made with the other side without the need of going to court.  Another common way Family matters are resolved is by having a Mediation conference.   A mediation conference allows both sides to discuss their differences and try to reach an agreement between themselves. A Family Court Judge runs the conference and makes sure each person gets a chance to have their say. 



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